Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7.18, "Hay Bale Maze"

Gilmore is back and It's Spring Fling time in Star's Hollow! This means Sookie and Michel fighting over basket presentation for guests, Taylor pushing his weird idea of a hay bale maze on the whole town, and Lorelai having to deal with the awkwardness of Rory bringing Logan home.

Logan's been brutally tossed into the real world since losing millions and leaving his Dad's company. Part of joining the real world is moving in with Rory, Paris, and Doyle. Paris is just barely tolerating Logan and nearly loses it when he drinks the last of her 2% milk. Doyle is in denial about his lactose intolerance - "Me and lactose are bros." I want to move in with Paris and Doyle!

In other house guest news, April's back in Stars Hollow and staying with Luke. You know, she's not so bad. I can't remember why she annoyed me so... Oh, wait. There it is. 'Fabulous. I got earrings and purchased a man bracelet for you. Blah, blah, blah.' Why, Gilmore, why? On the bright side, we get to see Luke wear but struggle to hide the man bracelet for the rest of the episode.

Lorelai seems a bit awkward around Logan which is understandable once she tells Sookie how she really feels about him. Rory's gets a job offer from he Providence Journal Bulletin and is trying to decide whether to accept or wait for other interviews and fellowship opportunities. Lorelai is afraid that Logan's a bad influence because he's spoiled, jobless, and in general something of a screw up despite the fact that he has "hair that could sell shampoo to a bald man." This is what I've been saying! Well, except for the hair thing. Thank you, Lorelai.

During a convenient late night kitchen run-in, Lorelai gets to voice her concerns to Logan himself. He assures her that he knows he's messed up in the past and that he's ready to get back on track. She seems to believe him and then they have pie. Lorelai, you disappoint me! Don't share your pie with Logan! Just because someone tells you they aren't a jackass doesn't mean they aren't a jackass.

Luke and Lorelai are both confronted with their daughters growing up tonight. Luke is freaked about April's earrings and Lorelai is freaked by Rory's college graduating, job interviewing, train riding, and the fact that she doesn't feel right voicing an opinion on the men in Rory's life anymore. I think Lorelai wins.

Luke and Lorelai, did I say? Oh yes, they run into each other in the middle of Taylor's Spring Fling hay bale maze. Lorelai makes fun of Luke's bracelet then apologizes for sleeping with Christopher. Luke accepts the apology and then apologizes for using April as an excuse to stall his relationship with Lorelai. Think of how awesome it would have been if you guys had done this at the start of the season! Oh wait. Then I would have missed out on Luke v. Christopher fisticuffs and that would have been sad.

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