Monday, June 04, 2007


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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7.19, "It's Just Like Riding a Bike"

Okay, so new Gilmore starts in 20 minutes and I haven't recapped last week's Gilmore so here is the Mammoth speed review:

Sookie and Jackson fight and make up. Paris and Doyle break up and get back together. Lorelai and Luke fight but totally don't get back together. No fair! But wait, Luke does brave Craigslist in order to find Lorelai a Jeep exactly like her old one which is totally "Awwww." Oh, and you know that fellowship Rory turned down her job offer for? Didn't get it. Hate to tell you Rory, but I think everyone else saw that one coming.

Tonight on Gilmore: I hear we get some Lorelai karaoke. I'm pretty sure that's going to rock!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7.18, "Hay Bale Maze"

Gilmore is back and It's Spring Fling time in Star's Hollow! This means Sookie and Michel fighting over basket presentation for guests, Taylor pushing his weird idea of a hay bale maze on the whole town, and Lorelai having to deal with the awkwardness of Rory bringing Logan home.

Logan's been brutally tossed into the real world since losing millions and leaving his Dad's company. Part of joining the real world is moving in with Rory, Paris, and Doyle. Paris is just barely tolerating Logan and nearly loses it when he drinks the last of her 2% milk. Doyle is in denial about his lactose intolerance - "Me and lactose are bros." I want to move in with Paris and Doyle!

In other house guest news, April's back in Stars Hollow and staying with Luke. You know, she's not so bad. I can't remember why she annoyed me so... Oh, wait. There it is. 'Fabulous. I got earrings and purchased a man bracelet for you. Blah, blah, blah.' Why, Gilmore, why? On the bright side, we get to see Luke wear but struggle to hide the man bracelet for the rest of the episode.

Lorelai seems a bit awkward around Logan which is understandable once she tells Sookie how she really feels about him. Rory's gets a job offer from he Providence Journal Bulletin and is trying to decide whether to accept or wait for other interviews and fellowship opportunities. Lorelai is afraid that Logan's a bad influence because he's spoiled, jobless, and in general something of a screw up despite the fact that he has "hair that could sell shampoo to a bald man." This is what I've been saying! Well, except for the hair thing. Thank you, Lorelai.

During a convenient late night kitchen run-in, Lorelai gets to voice her concerns to Logan himself. He assures her that he knows he's messed up in the past and that he's ready to get back on track. She seems to believe him and then they have pie. Lorelai, you disappoint me! Don't share your pie with Logan! Just because someone tells you they aren't a jackass doesn't mean they aren't a jackass.

Luke and Lorelai are both confronted with their daughters growing up tonight. Luke is freaked about April's earrings and Lorelai is freaked by Rory's college graduating, job interviewing, train riding, and the fact that she doesn't feel right voicing an opinion on the men in Rory's life anymore. I think Lorelai wins.

Luke and Lorelai, did I say? Oh yes, they run into each other in the middle of Taylor's Spring Fling hay bale maze. Lorelai makes fun of Luke's bracelet then apologizes for sleeping with Christopher. Luke accepts the apology and then apologizes for using April as an excuse to stall his relationship with Lorelai. Think of how awesome it would have been if you guys had done this at the start of the season! Oh wait. Then I would have missed out on Luke v. Christopher fisticuffs and that would have been sad.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7.17 "Gilmore Girls Only"

I want to go on a road trip with the Gilmore Girls! I don't want Emily in control of my windows, but I want to go!

Lorelai is pestering Rory to go an road trip to the wedding of Barbara, the old manager of the Inn who served as a sort of surrogate mother to Lorelai after Rory was born. Rory hesitates to go at first but since Logan is continuing last week's jackassery, she decides it might be a good time to get away. Emily invites herself along and all sorts of wackiness ensues.

Zack is once again freaking out about the babies and he's asking Luke for fatherly advice in the most obnoxious manner possible. He and Lane have Luke over for dinner and ask him to be the kids' Godfather. In his usual enthusiastic manner, Luke says yes.

Logan shows up at Mia's wedding to apologize to Rory. When Rory refuses to speak with Logan, I'm a happy woman but she unfortunately breaks down and they make up. Rory, I'd like to point out a pattern. I'm an ass. I'm sorry. I'm an ass. I'm sorry. I'm an ass. I'm sorry. Logan's not so much changing. Whatever happened to nice Marty? Did they bring him back for no reason? I think Marty might have been the Gilmore Girls Brian Krackow. Logan is clearly the Jordan Catalano and that way lies heartbreak Rory.

Emily is acting like a total pill as usual but Lorelai comes to realize it is because she's jealous of the close relationship Lorelai and Rory had with Mia at a time when Emily was out of their lives. Lorelai, who is trying to come to terms with Rory heading out into the real world tells Emily that she knows it was hard for her. Emily responds to this by admitting to a crush on Will Smith and watching Pursuit of Happyness with Lorelai and Rory. Yay for family bonding!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7.16, "Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?"

Rory's got a meeting with a guy from the New York times and she's trying to plan the perfect baby shower for Lane. To relieve a bit of the pressure (because, Rory, not so good with pressure) Lorelai offers to take over baby shower duty.

Despite her inability to spot the appropriate bald guy at their meeting spot and the fact that she's acting like an elf on speed, Rory's meeting with the New York Times guy goes very well. Unfortunately, she goes home to find that her perfect boyfriend has regressed to old school Logan.

Yes, remember how Logan was kind of decent for five minutes? The moment is gone, people. He tells Rory about losing all of his and his investor's (that includes Papa Huntsburger) money but not before staying out all night drinking and then snapping at her. Then he blows off Lane's baby shower in favor of a weekend in Vegas with Colin and Finn. Was Logan hanging out with Christopher when we weren't looking? Rory is insanely supportive of Logan throughout all of this jackassery and I'm hoping that doesn't last much longer.

Meanwhile, Lorelai is trying to help Lane and Mrs. Kim reach a truce in the great fried shrimp debate. Lane wants to raise her kids all willy nilly and let them eat fried shrimp and not go to church. Mrs. Kim is aghast. But, Lorelai works her Gilmore charm like crazy and gets them to compromise and admit a grudging respect for one another.

Lane is put on bed rest so the Gilmores, Zack, and Mrs. Kim haul her whole bed to Miss Patty's and party as crazy as you can party when the main activity is painting onesies. At the party, Lane asks Rory to be her kids' Lorelai Gilmore, "You know, when they're hiding their Bibles and they can't stand me." Rory says yes. Rory, I think that means you are going to have to ditch Logan and find yourself a nice flannel clad boy.

Speaking of flannel, Luke and Lorelai run into each other outside the baby shower. They reminisce about Rory and Luke tells Lorelai about selling his boat and buying a new one so he can sail around with obnoxious April this summer. Lorelai can't believe he bought a boat in one day when it used to take him a week to pick out a shirt. His response, "Yeah, well, things change." (But, not the fact that I want your sex.) What, was I the only one that heard that?